Tropical Anthology, a singing dinner by Caique Tizzi



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Tropical Anthology, a singing dinner by Caique Tizzi

 A performative dinner in celebration of the exhibitions of Piña, Why is the Sky Blue? and at dawn. The performance will consist of a multiple course dinner within the exhibition space at JSC Berlin.

Thursday, 28 April 2022

7.30 p.m. – late

Entry 7.00 p.m.

Admission: 76 EUR

In celebration of the group exhibition at dawn — and responding to the conceptual parameters of Piña, Why is the Sky Blue? by Stephanie Comilang and Simon Speiser —Berlin-based artist Caique Tizzi will stage a multi-course performative dinner titled Tropical Anthology, a singing dinner

Hosted in the exhibition space, guests will experience an evening of food, song, and poetry revolving around fruit, plants, spices, and edibles from tropical latitudes, including the pineapple (piña), which is not only central to Comilang and Speiser’s installation but to the individual artists’ personal histories between the Philippines, Ecuador, and Brazil. Here, Tizzi examines how foods indigenous to the Americas came to be transformed into ciphers of colonialism and the commodity exchange between different imperial outposts. In other words, food becomes a medium or lens to understand these intertwined pasts, creating a sensual experience that grasps at both the culinary and geopolitical complexities that exist within them.

Between leather tablecloths, rotating pineapples, and a sculptural display where food drapes over metal arms, Tropical Anthology, a singing dinner is an occasion not only to commune and eat, but to reinscribe different registers of levity, pleasure, joy, and resistance to the experience and appreciation of food from the Americas.

With a sculptural display in collaboration with a Piece of Furniture; a music performance by Fernanda Farah; and a chocolate moment by pars Pralinés by Kristiane Kegelmann.

Tropical Anthology, a singing dinner is comprised of four courses.



Coconut Hibiscus Lemongrass Lime Infusion

Composition of Seasonal Ingredients


Cassava Cheese Balls, Ginger & Tamarind

Sweet Potatoes, Peanuts Chilli Oil

Smoked Corn, Abacate, Leche de Tigre


Pineapple Kebab, Churrasco,

Green Chilies Basil, Pickled Onion Red Salsa & Farofa


Cocoa and Chocolate

in different shapes, textures, and temperatures